July Cemetery Cleanup

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July Cemetery Cleanup Empty July Cemetery Cleanup

Post  Dusty@dbprginc.org on Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:26 pm

Greetings gang,
I'm sure many of you will be saddened to know that I am NOT having a cemetery cleanup this month. I have been SO busy working and need to finish writing a chapter before Monday that I need every spare minute to do so.
Now, if you guys would like to get together and pick up palm fronds, branches, etc. at Gethsemane, please feel free to do so.
There is also a cemetery at the end of Orange Ave. in Port Orange that is in need of our help. So, if you wanted to go there and get the lay of the land--so to speak--to see what we'll be up against, again, feel free to do so.
I will not mark anyone off as missing if they don't go this month.

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