Greetings and PLEASE read!!!!!

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Greetings and PLEASE read!!!!! Empty Greetings and PLEASE read!!!!!

Post  kingleo12 on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:12 pm

Guys and Gals,

I am honored to take over the group, and I still may need some help from time to time.  Keith has been a great help, but he has a life to live and I cant expect him to drop everything and help me at a moments notice.

I really want to keep our group going, and in respect for our founder, Dusty, it is just the right thing to do.  I have a few new prospective members, with more to come.  I look forward to getting together and hopefully planning some investigations soon.  If you guys want to, please reach out to me and let me know if you are still part of our group.  I know we all have lives, and I get it, family is first.

That brings me to the next thing I must ask.....its dues time.  I know, I know, but this pays for the website and keeps our site going strong, which I have a few nice marketing ideas for in the future.

I think $25 should cover it, and please, if you can donate more, do so.  I will cover the expenses for our site, and of course, apply the dues accordingly to keep DBPRG alive and well.

My Paypal account is set up, and until I can get a firm hold of this website thing to link our Paypal button on the site to my account, just send it to  I wont delete you from the group, but please, help keep OUR group alive and help me with the dues.  They are due in less than a month, so please, send what you can by the 28th.  If you no longer want to be a part of the group, I totally get it, but let me know asap if you can.  Oh, and if you need a shirt, let me know, I have a contact at my company to get some prints done on our traditional black T's.  Anyone who wants to help me with marketing our group, let me know!

Please guys and gals, lets make this a great year for investigations and field trips, lets honor Dusty and her passion.  I am available via our Facebook page, email or my phone number at 386-316-1331.

Look forward to bringing us all together again.

God Bless.


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