IACP, Inc. annual fund raiser raffle

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IACP, Inc. annual fund raiser raffle

Post  Dusty@dbprginc.org on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:53 am

Greetings gang,
I need everyone to pull together this year and get donations for our annual raffle. I have had little time to put into it as in years past, so I need everyone's help this year. If you need a copy of our flier or 501 (c) 3 paperwork, just let me know. We will take any and all donations...food, T-shirts, books, artwork, jewlery, etc. Anything! Large or small.
We need to do this now as our raffle will be held in Decemeber at our annual Christmas party.

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Re: IACP, Inc. annual fund raiser raffle

Post  Chris on Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:16 am

got some signed comics and stuff to bring in

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